Amari Cooper on Waivers

Amari Cooper dropped, I have waiver priority #4, thinking of dropping either Fitz or Elijah McGuire and trying to get him… smart? 8 team standard. Also have Evan Engram to drop, but also own Jordan Reed so I like the insurance there.

WRs - M Thomas, Cooks, Ftiz
RBs - Bell, Hyde, Duke Johnson, McCaffrey, McGuire

I’d probably drop McGuire, you have enough depth at RB.


Hm for me it’s between McGuire and Engram. Obviously Reed is fragile but he’s back to full practice so he’s all systems go this week, don’t drop Fitz. I’d probably drop Engram if I were you just because Reed’s also already past the bye and McGuire’s still a good hold for at least few more weeks

drop engram. im also in an 8 team league. te is very streamable. you can likely get him back later if you need

Do not drop Fitz. I’d rather have him than Cooper. Drop McGuire for sure. Or if you’re carrying to QBs I may drop one of them. In an 8 team league there should be QBs to pick up and play each week on waivers

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Of course it’s my QB bye week unfortunately, I picked up a streamer in Cousins since I don’t really want to drop Wilson, think he’ll get better for the second half. True it’s only 8 team, but some of the others AREN’T Footclan and so they roster 2 QB’s permanently lol

In that case I think I probably would drop Engram for Cooper. I might try and trade Reed. I just can’t stand having guys like Gronk/Reed on my roster who are perpetually injured and play half their games. Wait until he has a good week and dump him on someone else to deal with

Whew. Got 'em at waiver priority #4, and glad I put in a claim cause it says the team with priority #6 tried to nab him as well. Dropped McGuire for him after McCaffrey put up 12 points yesterday and gave me some confidence in my RB group. Plus, the news that Forte practiced 2 days makes me think a split there in NY, at least for this week or so. Decided to keep Engram because TEs have just been too poopy this year.

Thanks for the advice Footclan! Happy Friday, we made it!