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Amari cooper or davante Adams


Help so I start amari cooper or davante Adams week 2. I’m new to fantasy btw. I want to start Adams because Aaron Rodgers exists and they’re playing the 49ers at home… but I think amari cooper will probably get more targets. Opinions anyone?


The consensus you will get here is Cooper hands down. He will get way more targets. The QB throwing is only a part of the equation. I.E Hopkins in HOU. Go Cooper my friend.


Also Carr is NO slouch


Thanks!! Also another thing I forgot to mention is that my opponent has Aaron Rodgers. Would it be smart to play packers receivers (Adams/Cobb) just to negate some of the points that Rodgers gets? Obviously I’m not gonna start both Adams and Cobb because I have julio jones, but would starting one of them in this situation be a good strategy? Or should I just stick with cooper?


I call that “getting cute” I do it too. Over thinking the situation you know what I mean?The points could be nice but don’t let it keep you from starting the guy you REALLY feel is going to produce.


In this case, odds are high that Cooper is going to out produce man.


Cooper. GB offense to spread out