Amari Cooper or George Kittle ROS?

I’m in a 7 man half ppr vampire league. I beat an opponent and now I can pick from her two best players.

What’s your current roster?

I think you’re going to be just fine with Waller, I would take Cooper who has been killing it when healthy. Do they have any good RB’s to target?

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I wouldn’t be opposed to rocking two TEs tbh, I prefer Kittle to Coop and Kittle is a better Flex than all your other options

I can only take a player from their starting lineup and switch it with a player from my starting lineup. Must play the same position.

Switching George Kittle for Will Dissly would be pretty funny

Also, the idea of a vampire league sounds so intriguing. How do you and your league mates play?

I’ve heard Matthew Berry Talking about vampire leagues where one person is the vampire for the entire year. The vampire doesn’t get to draft at the very beginning of the year and has to make their team from the waiver wire initially. But then if they win a matchup they get to swap a player.

Seems like everyone in your league is a vampire? So every week the losers have to swap a player?

Does this just happen with a trade?

There’s only 1 vampire (me) everybody else drafts. Only I have access to the waivers throughout the season. Waivers are available during playoffs. No one else can make trades the rest of the season. 7 man bench. standard ESPN roster. If I beat someone I take a player of my choice from their starting lineup and switch them with a player from my starting lineup. If people start losing confidence they’ll usually bench their Monday or Sunday night starter if they’re worth protecting