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Amari cooper or golden Tate?


So Amari did not look good week 1, granted it was a very tough matchup. But I have golden Tate and got a trade offer that was me giving up Tate and Kelvin Benjamin for Amari cooper. Normally I’d accept it because I think cooper has more opportunity to be the undisputed top wideout on his team but does the coaching change in gruden and bad week 1 scare any of you? I have Larry Fitz too so should I trade Tate for that book bust guy since Larry is pretty consistent?


I wouldn’t be giving up Tate for Cooper, let alone adding ANYTHING to a package to receive only Cooper in a trade. I think week in and week out you can feel comfortable knowing that Tate has a solid low end WR2 floor, whereas Cooper can literally lose you weeks.


I would keep what you have both Tate and Fitz should be fairly consistent all year