Amari Cooper or Joe Mixon

Hey, I’m currently in the playoffs and I’m trying to decide to go with the shiny new toy Amari Cooper, or the reliable Joe Mixon, who is injured and on a terrible team? Thoughts?

PS It’s a 12 man, full point PPR league. I am fine at the RB and WR position so this is for my flex (CMC and Phillip Lindsay/Nuk Hopkins and Michael Thomas).

I have to go Mixon. I’m expecting him to have a good receiving day with LAC having a good secondary and pass rush, Cin will have to dump off to Mixon a lot. I think he’s a lock for 5 catches which gives you a nice baseline. If he gets in the endzone, he should be in line for a really good day. If he doesn’t with the need to dump off to avoid the rush, and the inability to beat LAC’s secondary without AJ Green, Mixon should still be safe.

I’ve got Mixon myself and considering benching him for Ingram or ware. As mentioned this week, I don’t like how Cincy used Bernard so much last week when they fell behind.

I ended up starting Amari Cooper and it paid off. Mixon would have been a fine start too so I got lucky with this one. Thanks guys.