Amari Cooper trade help!

The Cooper owner is in rebuild mode. Here’s the offer:

I send:

Option 1: 2019 2.08, 2020 1st (should be late), Coleman or Washington.

Option 2: 2020 1st and 2021 1st

I receive: Amari Cooper

This could put me over the top for another championship run. Or it could hurt me for years to come haha.


12 Team, 2 QB Dynasty League, 1 Point PPR
2QB, 2WR, 2RB, 1TE, 2 Flex

QB: Trubisky, Jackson, Keenum, Mullens, Taylor
RB: Gordon, Mack, Coleman, Drake, Ajayi, Burkhead, McGuire, Justin Jackson, Darrell Williams
WR: Jones, Diggs, John Brown, Moncrief, Washington, Meredith, Snead
TE: Engram, Rudolph, Brate, Shaheen, RSJ
K: Zuerlein
D: Minnesota, New England

Personally I would pass on Amari. Every year he’s projected high, every year he is supposed to be great, and every year he’s inconsistent. If your looking to shop your picks, I’d go for someone with more guaranteed value, like Tate, Cooks, Cupp, or Shepard. Just my take, hope that helps! If you really feel like you can trust it, and this year is the year for Cooper, I wouldn’t send two picks for him, that’s a lot. Maybe this years 2.08 and Washington or Coleman (pref Washington).

Pass on Cooper, and go for more guaranteed value, like soon to be 31 year old Golden Tate and Sterling Shepard? :flushed: Somebody is definitely a Giants fan. Also, obviously you’re not getting a sniff of Cooper for the 2.08 and Washington or Coleman.

I do have my concerns with Cooper. He has some definite risk. That said, I think there is little debate that Cooper is a top 10 dynasty wr.

Personally I like all of those deals, though I prefer option 1 with Washington. In fact, I like all of those deals even if we assume mid 1st round picks, and I think that it is safe to assume they shouldn’t end up being high 1sts given your roster.

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I know I’m throwing a curve ball here, but with a 2QB league, owning Trubisky and Jackson (and I guess count Keenum) doesn’t thrill me… If I’m looking to move some picks, I’d reach out about any QB2’s to see if I could secure another starter. That way you could plug in according to matchups, BYEs, or in case of an (I don’t want to even type it in fear of it happening) injury to a run heavy Jackson or Trubisky.

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I actually care for the Giants very little, just giving a few examples of people who are valued similarly to me. The consistency of Shepard without OBJ, I believe will come this season far outways the boom/bust value of Cooper, my opinion. Maybe you’re right about Tate I was just trying to give different ideas. Idid also name 2 other WR as well…

I got Amri!

I had to add my 2020 3rd though. I’m not big on 3rd round dart throws, so I still like it!

Sent: 2.08, 2020 1st & 3rd, James Washington.
Received: Amari Cooper