Amari Cooper Trade -- Need Help

A player in my 3WR league really wants Amari Cooper. I offered Cooper + David Johnson for his Jordy Nelson or Cooper + DJ + Moncrief for Antonio Brown.

He countered with Cooper + Jordan Howard for Nelson. This would leave my RBs Kareem Hunt, David Johnson, Rob Kelley and Doug Martin which I do not feel comfortable with.

I’m thinking about countering further with Theilin, Howard and Demaryius for Antonio Brown leaving me with Cooper, Hopkins and Brown…but I don’t think he will go for that because I certainly wouldn’t.

Is there a trade to be had here that I’m missing or are we world’s apart?

What RB’s does he have ?

He has Fournette, Crowell, Derrick Henry, and Woodhead who is really a drop so he’s weak on depth too.

I generally like the construct of my team so I don’t want to make a bad rushed decision, but it would be great to be able to pull Nelson or Brown

Yeah I like your line up as well, I think your RB situation could use some improvment, which could happen when Martin comes back. I’d hold off.

Cooper and hunt for an Antonio and Crowell seems pretty even, maybe try for Fournette if you think he’d go for it

Thanks for the advice!