Amari Cooper Traded

To the cowboys!
Unexciting news lol.

Jerry Jones has his work cut out for him

I’m not seeing headlines yet. Did the cowboys give up a 1st round pick? If they did maybe he’ll be a center piece in a few weeks. If that matters…

Not sure just heard them discuss the headline on tv w schefter

reported 1st rounder by Shefty

Do you think that means they trade dez??

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I like this news actually the Cowboys were looking for a WR and Gruden as much as he wanted to involve Cooper just didn’t work out. As a Cooper owner it gives me hope at least lol

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I’m just hoping it helps Zeke

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Dez is a free agent.


I second that statement

Traded Hines and Cooper for Kerryon last week!

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As a Cooper owner on only 1 of many teams, I hope other people hype him up so I can trade him for more than he’s worth without him having to validate any of the hype on the football field. He slid in one of my drafts, so I took him and have regretted it ever since.

Ditto. Package and sell. This was the hype used to sell him this past week and it’s finally coming true.

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I don’t really know what to make of this. Maybe Dak can make use of his abilities? If so, Zeke could be a good buy low right now but it’s too early to tell.

What does this move and likely other trading away of players by Gruden do tithe remaining Raiders ROS?
My specific interest is Jalen Richard who I grabbed and stashed after the Lynch news as I had a burner spot.

Is it hands off all Raiders now as the ship looks to be fully sinking? Grab a guy like Mosart or literally anyone else other than a Raider now?!

Sounds like I didnt need to stash the Pats D when I already had the Colts D who they play next…

I’m still hands off on Cooper…he’s failed too many times for me to risk it anymore. If he shows improvement the rest of season I’d possibly consider him for next season but I doubt it. One can only be burned by one player so many times. I’m still happy I traded him a few weeks ago.

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OMG! I’ll give Alvin Kamara for Cooper now! He’s going to be the greatest thing since sliced bread! AHHHHH!

LOL, I am hands off until we can see some rapport and results.

If I was the Cooper owner I would laugh at this offer. I’d need Kamara and your 2019 1st rounder before I even think about it.

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