Amari cooper waiver wire

Somebody dropped amari cooper in my league, these are the players on my roster. Do you guys see anyone on my roster that is worth letting go for Amari cooper or should I just let this player stay on the waiver wire and let him go?

I have dropped Cooper in the league that I had him in, That was a 8 man league and I felt good about my wr core and didnt want him. I think you should leave him on the wire and MAYBE weeks down the line when he should have one of those good matchups (the one where he gets more than 15 total yards). I would drop D jack tho since without Fitz and having Jamies playing DJ is going to have a bad ROS since Winston has proven he cant throw deep effectively, you can still play him on good matchups but I don’t have confidence rolling him out week to week, and I like your 4 other wrs alot more

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