Amari or Dorsett?

I have a considerable lead. Cooper or Dorsett to ensure I keep that lead in case wentz and Jeffery pops off

Good question. I came here to ask the same … Sizeable lead with Zeke and Cooper, but facing Jeffery and Edleman. I could start James White tomorrow instead… so Cooper or White?

I feel Cooper will do better, but he’s a decoy risk. I might make the switch and play White instead.

Cooper v Dorsett is much harder. You could see Meyers get a lot more tomorrow, limiting Dorsett’s ceiling.

Would probably go with Dorsett in your case, because of Meyers. I have to choose between Ertz and Dorsett, and am going with Ertz… I think (my opponent has Jeffrey and Wentz, too)

Someone’s a Philly fan…

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