Amari Pooper - Keep, Trade, Cut

Keeping him feels like stashing K. Benjamin but with a bigger ceiling, obviously.
Trading him you might get no value and he could turn it around but he won’t be your problem anymore!
Cutting him you at least did yourself of the headache!

If you’re trading him, what do you hope to get back? If you’re keeping him, for how many more weeks will you endure? If you’re cutting him who are you stashing?

He is basically impossible to put in your starting line up right now…I doubt he has enough value right now to bother trading…maybe as part of a two for one package deal of some sort.
Depending on your league, if you could pick up a Mike Williams, Calvin Ridley, Chris Godwin type guys off waivers I might consider dropping him. He is a frustrating guy to have on your team…

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I believe last week was the week to get a trade done for Cooper.
I also think that offense will give fantasy owners the roundabout and feature a different player as fantasy relevant every week.

Week 1 - Jared Cook
Week 2 - Amari Cooper
Week 3 - Jordy Nelson

the only consistency is Lynch and even he is TD dependent.

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Agree with killer15’s response and I’m in the same boat. I think I’m just going to drop him because I need WR help and Pooper is just poop.

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