Amari Pooper Scooper

WHat are the footclans feelings on Amari Cooper? Is he droppable for another player? He has almost no trade value after last weeks game and between the upcoming Denver game and the Bryant signing his value just seems to be cratering. Do you hold him on the hopes he has two or three huge games? Or is it time to scoop the poop?

I think for the price you paid to draft him you have to hold for at least a few weeks. Also I doubt the Bryant signing will mean much. It seems more like a tilt move by Gruden. They already cut bryant this offseason because he couldn’t learn the offense. Nothing has changed there

I would hold onto him. Grueden said himself Cooper was open downfield a couple times and Derek Carr failed to pull the trigger and he’s got to do better which is true. They are not taking chances downfield yet. I would hold onto him through these first 2 weeks despite the brutal schedule and see how it turns out. It may just take a couple games for him to get going and for Carr/Grueden to get him involved. If you spent a 4th round pick on him you’ve got to be patient.

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