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Amari vs Dez


Me and my buddy got in a debate last night, who would you rather have dez or amari?


Amari, younger and getting more and more production every season


Dez has no competition, but also no help. He comes up small against big-time corners. Amari looks great but has been somewhat disappointing, mainly due to lack of TDs and doesn’t make the contested catches.

Amari came into Raiders camp looking ripped. Looks like he has been getting stronger and he has the desire to be a big time receiver. I like it.


Yeah, his dropped passes on contested catches worries me though, I really like his upside but his floor scares me.


His floor is very solid. He was #15 on the UDK consistency rating for WRs. His Reception Perception was excellent on all routes. His only issue was the below average against press and contested catch rate.

He runs excellent routes, which shows that he puts in the effort to hone his craft. Apparently, over the off season, he also put in the work to get stronger. I am reading that as an indicator that he wants to improve his performance against press coverage and also that he wants to win those tough catches against the corners.

I am buying in to Amari because he has the physical tools. More importantly, though, I am buying into Amari because he is working to perfect his craft.


I def think Amari is who I would go and really without thought. We haven’t seen his ceiling yet and we have with Dez. They both have awful schedules against good corners, but the NFC east is brutal. I think Dez is a better player, but I think Amari will be better for fantasy.


Well said.