Ameer VS Theo

Can someone break down this backfield for me. Whos gonna start, how big of a split is it going to be etc. Im at a struggle to figure out which back i like more. Theo a little later in rounds or Do i try to see if ameer falls a little and snag him a little earlier than i would theo?

Any opinions/input is highly appreciated. Thanks guys!

Ameer is 1A and Theo is 1B. Reports say Ameer is the Lions starter. My guess Ameer will handle 1st and 2nd down. Theo 3rd down work. Last year week one Ameer had over 100 yards rushing and 5 catches for 57 yards before getting hurt. Ameer will get of course get 3rd down work too but I see that being Theo’s main job. The 2 minute drill, getting the ball down the field is Theo. I could see them using both backs at the same time in the backfield, Theo more of the receiver. 60-40 Split, Ameer the lead guy. I hope it’s more 70-30. Ameer can obviously catch the ball too. I honestly could see both backs finish with 1000 total yards. Ameer 8-10 TDS Theo 5-6 TDS. Ameer is going 1st off draft boards a round or two before Theo; which he should do to having the upper hand. Standard Leagues Theo doesn’t have much value but both backs should be amazing in PPR Leagues. I’m a little optimistic for both backs, their health will determine a lot! Hope this helps…

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Word thank you. I wanna grab one of them and ameer is in a more favorable spot for me to get in that part of the draft. But The UDK is throwing me off and has theo at #15 but yet the guys talk about Ameer and his upside but hes ranked 8-10 spots lower haha.

Yeah a little confusing. Mike is the highest on Ameer. Im sure Ameer will move up by end of July if reports continue to say he’s healthy with no set backs.

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