Amendola or Darkwa?

need to use my #1 priority on one of these two. I’m weak in both RB and WR behind Bell and Michael Thomas. I’m leaning amendola.

I would lean Amendola as well. Hard to trust the Giants backfield.

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Why do you need to use #1 spot this week? I wouldnt use on either. If Amendola is out there is Shephard? If you can wait a few weeks corey davis coming back soon too.

If its PPR i gues id go amendola if you have to.

if standard league Id gor Darkwa


Shephard is owned and so is davis. I’m not thrilled to use #1 on any of them either. I had #2 last week and missed on Kamara and everyone else so I’m probably just worried I might miss out again this week.

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