Amount of positional players

Need some help my redraft league of 10 years about to break up. They are fighting over that amount of a single type of player on a team. One guy every year stacks up on rbs and the try’s to trade rape down the line of the season. A guy asked for a team to be held to 7 rb and 7 wr on a team. Other guy is not having it. Does your re draft league have a limit on positional players? If so how many? Should we not do it and let him keep using this strategy or is there any other way to solves this?

I’ve never paid close enough attention to player type limits as I usually draft
a balanced team of WR/RB. But no, fantasy is about strategy, and the fact only a certain amount of players can be played each week. In a case like this the RB hoarder is going to lose depth and value elsewhere.

Part of the game is “know your league”, if a guy is playing that game, the onus is on the other league mates to draft accordingly. If you know a guy is going to do that, and you have a problem with it, draft your RBs early, and let the WRs fall where they do.

That guy is forgoing WR value, and if he is asking a crazy amount of return and not getting it, well he may eventually be in a position where he needs to trade at the other persons valuation, or drop the RB.

If I was you I would just trim the roster size. It would realistically provide a hedge against hoarding a certain position, and it in turn makes waivers more active. Not the commish, but we’re 10team typical vanilla roster of (QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, Flex, Def, K) with 14 players. At 7RB you’re probably streaming QB/TE/Def/K and are one WR injury away from having to trade or drop an RB.

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I know that Sleeper now allows a lock on the number of players at a position so the functionality is there.

However, it’s probably in the league’s best interest if this guy can go play somewhere else.

Understand that’s easier said than done. So you might get together with folks you think that would understand your desire to handle this with discretion/tact and try to brainstorm a solution that doesn’t create too many hard feelings.

Good luck! :crossed_fingers::+1: