An Accidental Ty’Son Williams

Alvin Kamara was my first RB. Gus Edwards came next. I felt fairly good about my draft. 12 team league, full PPR with three IR spots. Late in the draft, I got caught up looking over who was still available when I realized that my clock was almost out. I was trying to pick up JD McKissic, but I mouse slipped, and accidentally clicked on Ty’Son Williams.

At first I didn’t even know who he was - but then, a few days later, Gus went down and I was glad to happy to have him join the family. Jamaal Williams happened to end up on my roster too. And then the waivers brought me Latavius Murray…

So now, here I am, week 2, still 1-0, wrenching over the decision of who to play - Ty’Son, Jamaal, or Latavius. I think Ty’Son will make the cut, though if D’Andre Swift isn’t 100%, things might change (thanks MNF for making this much easier….).

All that being said, I could certainly be in a much worse position. That being said it makes me nauseous having so many committee backs on my team. Long term, we’ll have to see how things shake out over the next couple of weeks.

Short term, who would you start?
Ty’Son Williams
Jamaal Williams
Latavius Murray


I think this week I’d go with both Murray and Williams. They’re going to be splitting a boatload of carries this week as the Ravens try to keep the ball away from the Chiefs, likely minus their top two WRs–and the Chiefs are currently the 26th-ranked run defense after making Nick Chubb look like a legit first round pick in Week 1.

If you thought Dobbins and Edwards were both worth starting before, now Dobbins and Edwards are named Murray and Williams, at least for this week.

Is it just one you want? If so, Jamaal Williams for me.