An accurate or a believable PPR rankings

Is there a somewhat accurate or more believable PPR rankings available? I have been scourging the net and almost all of them have their own take on the rankings. I can understand there will be a differences, but for eg: Yahoo has Chubb projected at #10 while CBS and a few others have him at #22. While Yahoo projects Gurley at #22 and other sites have him at 8 or 9. I am trying to find a good source on PPR rankings before my draft starts this season… Any help is greatly appreciated.

If you find rankings that tell you how the people will be ranked at years end, please let me know. All rankings are going to be different based on who does them. I assume yahoo and cbs are composites of their fantasy writers rankings

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snark aside, here is a really great drafting tool

FantasyPros consensus rankings. Takes the rankings from 100+ experts and gives you a ranking based on the average of all the experts. Will also give you the best and worst ranking for each player and their ADP.

Then, if you want to get really nerdy with it, instead of just using the default bunch of fantasy experts to get the consensus rankings, you can pick the experts ranking you want to use, and have it calculated that way.

Then, if you want to get really really nerdy with it, FantasyPros ranks all expert on draft and in-season accuracy. So, you could pick the experts you want factored into the consensus based on over or position specific accuracy and build your rankings that way.

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Buy the UDK offered here…

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Yes I still look at other sites and listen to other advice… But the UDK is seriously awesome and worth the small amount of $$ it costs.

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