An offer to consider

Hey all. Here we go.

I lose Thielen and Ingram
I gain M. Thomas and Collins

I’ve been sitting on this all day, wanting to reject the offer. But I keep thinking Thielen can’t keep this pace up, the appeal of Thomas is strong. But I don’t want to downgrade my RB core that much. See, I’m spinning! Lol

My other starting WR’s are Brown and Kupp
My other starting RB’s are D. Johnson and Michel

Thanks all

Thielen and Thomas I feel are a wash for this season the way Minny is throwing the rock. I trust NO’s O for Ingram a lot more than Bal and Collins. Plus Dixon back in 3 weeks or so?

I would actually put Theilen ahead of Thomas only bc Brees spreads the ball a lot more. True, Theilen may not keep his pace for another 10 weeks but I still think it’s a better combo. Collins is not what he was cracked up to be

Thanks! Reinforces where my mind was at. Trade has been rejected

do not get rid of Adam

I’d probably pass but that’s cause I think Collins sucks. He has a blow up week this week sure, but he is at risk of getting benched at any moment cause he’s just on such a short leash. For whatever reason, coaching staff appears to hate him and like suck allen. Can’t trust Collins on a week to week basis.

argument to be made for theilin to be equal to thomas. but i am a collins owner and u dont want none of this nightmare