An Unhealthy Obsession

Footclan, please help me maintain my sanity. I have made some terrible start/sit decisions in recent weeks (my bench has featured blowup performances by Emmanuel Sanders last night, David Montgomery before that, Marvin Jones before that, Robby Anderson before that) putting me on a path to 4 straight losses.

I can’t stop thinking about the terrible managerial mistakes I’ve made! Currently in 8th place (12 team league) at 4-4 (same record with 4 teams ahead of me) I am struggling to stay positive. I am a poor loser and want to hear from you about how you keep on chugging along when things seem hopeless!

When a player blows up on my bench the first questions I ask is “was I even considering that player to start in the first place?” If the answer is no, than you need to let it go and move on. Otherwise your expectations for this game of prediction are not reasonable. If you made every start/sit decision with 100% accuracy than I suggest you start using those skills of precognition and apply them to the lottery, stock market, or other lucrative means.

If the answer is yes, than it provided you opportunity to evaluate the decision. Why did you pick one player over the other? Was that reasoning sound? Do you need to find better fantasy advice?