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Analysis – 12 team ½ Pt PPR Mock Draft at 8th Position



Been running mock drafts for the 8th pick in a snake draft for my 12 team ½ pt. PPR league – and have noticed the same issues are coming up – wanted to run through my thought process and invite comment/criticism. I am drafting against ESPN rankings and ADP (as my league uses ESPN and people tend to go with the top picks the software tells them) Here are my picks vs options and thoughts:

1.8 Jordy Nelson - based on Tier drafting. RB options are Freeman, Murray and Gordon

2.5 Isaiah Crowell. This is the hardest pick – want a RB and have to choose from Lynch, Miller, Crowell Gurley and Fournette

3.8 Doug Baldwin. Here I am also eyeing Woodhead and Gillislee but I think I can get them later

4.5 Danny Woodhead. I was right, I could get him later. I also figured I could still wait on Gillislee based on his ADP. Also eying Joe Mixon and Frank Gore

5.8 Mike Gillislee. Again, I was right about him still being available in 5th round. Was also eyeing Larry Fitzgerald.

6.5 Ameer Abdullah. Larry Fitz was gone so I went with Abdullah. Was eyeing Martavis Bryant and Stefon Diggs to add to my WRs

7.8 Willie Snead. Bryant and Diggs are gone. Now looking at Maclin, Crowder and Snead for WR and considering Coleman and Martin at RB. I think I can get Maclin later.

8.5 Jeremy Maclin. At this point I am the only guy without a TE and one of few without a QB. It is between Ebron, Maclin and Martin. I think I can get Ebron later. I go with Maclin because I need depth at WR more than a 5th RB at this point.

9.8 Eric Ebron – to cover TE

10.5 Matthew Stafford – to cover QB

11.8 Tyrell Williams – This was another tough point. I could have taken Terrence West, Alvin Kamara or Joe Williams at RB. At WR it was between Tyrell Williams, Quincy Enunwa and Randall Cobb

12.5 Quincy Enunwa – it was between him and Joe Williams

13.8 Andy Dalton – chose back up QB over Doyle, Joe Williams and Kenny Stills

14.5 Jack Doyle

15.8 Steve Gostkowski

16.5 LA Rams

How did I do, and what would you have done differently and why?


Love the write up and it’s always cool to see people’s thought process.

I think I would have differed in the following ways:

6.5 I would have gone Bryant instead of Abdullah here. I don’t like Abdullah much and you had Woodhead, Crowell and Gillislee already. Bryant has a higher ceiling in my opinion.

7.8: Snead is solid value but could you have taken a top TE here (not sure who was available so might have been the best choice).

8.5: Martin (assuming you mean Doug Martin?) I think he would have been killer value in the 8th round if so.

13.8: Never a need to draft a backup QB if you’re streaming QB. Would have taken the flyer on one of the other guys.

Overall it’s a solid team for sure and I would have made a lot of the same picks as you were you drafted!


I personally like Miller over Crow but your mindset is right there with mine. Nice Draft


Its crazy the hate or lack of love for Baldwin. Only top 10 WR past 2 years. I remember last year the thought was he couldn’t repeat as a top 10 lol. So I love that value.

I like Miller more than Crow. I think we get the Miller this year that everyone wanted last year.

Depending on your roster layout (3 WR, or number of flex options) I think I’d take Bryant over Abdullah there based on your other picks. If its 2 WR 2 RB and 1 flex I like throwing more darts at RB since you won’t really be starting anyone over your top 2 WR. Good having more RB options so if Crow or Gillislee don’t pan out.

Overall like the team. You have most of the guys I am targeting :slight_smile:


I think you are right about Bryant over Abdullah - I was on the fence there - will try some better reasoning next mock

The best tight end available in round 7 was Ebron. since everyone else already had their TE1 I figured -correctly - that I could wait until round 9 or 10 to get Ebron (grabbed him in 9 - Doyle, who I got in 14 was by back up if ebron was gone

It was Doug martin I was considering in the 8th. he went at 8.12 - so I could have gotten him over Maclin. If I had gone Bryant in the 6th it would have pushed me to get Doug Martin in the 8th

as for grabbing Dalton - you are right. I really need to stop drafting back up qbs. I should have taken the flyer on Joe Williams and hoped Hyde gets benched


I like the early strategy and the thought process. Some notes though:

2.5 I agree it’s a hard pick and I think Miller and Crow will be performing in a similar way this year. Those would be my 2 options b/c it’s PPR.

6.5 I would’ve taken Martavis here. Higher ceiling, plus I believe Riddick is the guy to target in PPR from the Lions backfield.

7.8 Love this pick

8.5 It’s nuts how low Maclin is going in drafts

9.8 & 10.5 Too many Detroit players. I would’ve rather gone Rivers or Cousins and targeted Doyle later as you did.

13.8 No need to backup the QB. Would’ve gone Joe Williams.

Just because of the 2 QBs and 2 TEs I would score it low (6.5/10)


Ran another mock taking this all into consideration - by the way, it is 2RB, 2WR, 1 flex). The result:

  1. Jordy Nelson
  2. Lamar Miller
  3. Isaiah Crowell (was surprised I could pull both Crowell and Miller)
  4. Michael Crabtree
  5. Mike Gillislee
  6. Martavis Bryant
  7. Doug Martin
  8. Ameer Abdullah
  9. Jeremy Maclin
  10. John Brown
  11. Eric Ebron (again he was the best available after round 7)
  12. Marcus Mariota (had my pick of the tier 4 QBs minus Cam and Winston - but I could have gotten Winston anytime beginning at round 8)
  13. Quincy Enunwa
  14. Kenny Stills
  15. Stephen Gostkowski
  16. LA Rams

Basically, with the adjustment, instead of 4 RBs (Crowell, Gillislee, Woodhead and Abdullah) I get 5 RBs (Miller, Crowell, Gillislee, Martin and Abdullah) and my WR core is still strong (Crabtree instead of Baldwin, Bryant instead of Snead, Brown instead of T. Williams, and Stills is just kinda extra.

Dropping the back up QB and TE - especially when waithing until later rounds to pick the starters - really adds depth to the RB and WR ranks.