Analyze This Trade Please -- Cook/Godwin/C Samuel for Kamara/Juju/Ridley

I have been offered a trade where I would give up Dalvin Cook, Godwin and Curtis Samuel for Kamara, Ridley and Juju.

Thinking no, that Juju’s gonna have bad QBs all year and Ridley is close to taking a backseat to Sanu (plus I already have Julio).

If accepted, my RBs would be Kamara, Carson, Gore, Penny and Barber. My WRs would be Julio, Juju, Ridley, McLaurin and Mike Williams.

Agree/disagree? Thanks in advance.

That’s a no for me, just make sure you have A. Mattinson. Don’t know if Cook can do a full season

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It be a no for me. Juju’s qb situation sucks. And Ridley is hit or miss. All yours have been very consistent.

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Thanks, I’ll have to trade for Mattison – that would give me the handcuffs for both Cook and Carson. I’ll see what I can do there.

As I suspected, thanks. Couldn’t tell if there was maybe something I missed in thinking about it.

Agreed, I would absolutely not do this trade.

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