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Analyze trade


I give: Ajayi and Aaron Jones
For: Freeman



Oh man NICEEEE that looks excellent right now i think monty could start playing this week and they will hopefully put him up to about 80% of snaps when he gets more healthy, lets say 2-4 weeks so jones is just a rental maybe a flex afterwards, ajayi has been struggling, o line coach doing coke so now that changes and u add that he hasnt scored yet idk just a mess… can u tell im not a believer? Lol i love this trade freeman is hott this year hott last year hott always DO IT!


This is pretty good.


Love it. Neither Ajayi nor Jones have good chance of having a Freeman type impact on your team. What I try to do is throughout the season trade for one stud/top teir guy at a time then build around them, you’re getting yourself a stud top teir RB right there.