Anatomy of a draft (how the guys/UDK helped me dominate!)

Drafted last night in my 3rd and final league. As league manager, I was able to get all three consistent; 1/2 ppr, superflex (TD passes worth 4) and no kickers! My draft plan revolved around getting Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen as my QB’s in rounds 6, and then either 7/8, depending on how draft went. In my other two leagues, I was able to get both guys, but in one - no one was drafting QB’s, so I was able to wait until rounds 9/13 to get them. The news last night was that a deal with Zeke was pending, but not final. I was drafting #5 in a 10 team league, and really did not want to take Zeke with my first pick - but I would have if necessary. Everyone else knew that Zeke was still holding out, but I’m not sure if anyone saw that a deal was in the works. Kamara fell to me in round 1. OK, I will hold off on Zeke. In rounds 2/3, I went WR with Juju and Mike Evans. Both top 10 guys and solid. But then my plan took a turn. My son took Lamar with the 10th pick of the 4th round. Too early, but I had to make a pivot without panicking. In round 4, Carson was still there, so I decided to take a 2nd RB that I could live with. But the time to go for Zeke would be round 5…so I waited. Fournette, Kittle, Diggs, A. Jones, Hilton, D. Williams, K. Johnson, Edelman…YES! Zeke is mine in round 5. In round 6, Woods was still on the board, and I didn’t want to panic about my QB situation. Goff was on the board, but QB’s were not going fast and everyone picking between me and my round 7 pick already had one QB. My patience paid off - I got Woods and Goff!!! In round 8, David Montgomery was on the board - no brainer. Besides, no one is going to take Josh Allen before my next pick. So I thought. The pick before it was my turn, someone took Allen. Now I have to make a second pivot and miss out on both of “My Guys.” This time, I did not hesitate, I wanted the next QB on my list so I grabbed Trubisky in round 9. In rounds 10/11, I went WR and got Alshon and Dede. I knew I wanted a 3rd QB for this league, and my top target for this role was Garoppolo. He was there in round 12, so I got him. I expected TE’s to go too early in this league and I was right. So I waited to get Mark Andrews in round 13. He was one of two players I got in all 3 leagues; along with Mike Evans. Why do people get TE’s so early??? I get Kelce and Kittle (maybe Ertz), but some people had 2 TE’s before I got Andrews. I normally wait on D/ST to the last round, but I tried something different in this league. In round 14, the Pats were still there. I plan to stream D’s and the Pats have a favorable sked in weeks 2-6. OK, I locked them up. But I don’t like that matchup in week 1 with the Steelers. I’m happy with my team so far, so I am going to do the unthinkable and get a 2nd D to cover me in week 1. But not in round 15. I was hoping for Justice Hill or Darwin Thompson, but both got taken, so I decided to go with the Mattison flier. Then in round 16, I got the Eagles for their week one matchup with the putrid offense of the Redskins. After that, I will cut them and pick another player off the waiver wire for week 2 (players still available are Justin Jackson, Damien Harris, Sanu, Beasley). Fantasy Pros graded my draft with a 100. I know grades are not good to go by, but this is a strong team!! Thanks to Andy, Mike, and Jason!