Anderson and Hogan for Wentz and Kamara

My team is 1-6 now. (fantasy gods please help!!!)
Standard scoring

Trade Away:
CJ Anderson
Chris Hogan

Carson Wentz
Alvin Kamara

I offered him Adam Thielen instead of Hogan but the only way he will trade is if I give him Hogan instead.

Update: He is now offering me Garcon along with Wentz and Kamara for Anderson and Hogan

He must see something in CJ or Hogan. I would do this trade in a heart beat. Garcon is depth and Wentz is playing lights out. CJ and Hogan have byes coming up and Kamara has been through his bye.

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I like this trade as well. Wentz will end no worse than a top 5 QB this season. Kamara is reliable with probably his best games ahead. I’d be worried about Anderson’s carries going forward. Do this deal.

So now the trade has changed a little and I’m more cautious.

I get:

I lose:

Insist on kamara! I would have done this deal w/out Garcon