Anderson, Shepard, or Corey Davis ROS?

In a standard scoring, 10-man league, which two receivers would you rather have rest of season between Robby Anderson, Sterling Shepard, or Corey Davis rest of season?

I have Anderson and Davis. I also live in NY and know alot about both teams. Sterling Shepard is very good, but he is the #1 wide receiver now, he is used to being in the slot. Now he gets the top corner on each team every week. Evan Engram is the de facto top pass catcher for now. Anderson and Davis are doing what they are best at, their regular positions.

Robby Anderson has been a personal favorite of mine for a while, I picked him up before this good stretch he’s been having, im a big Jets fan and went to Temple U so I have been keeping tabs on him. He’s a freak athlete, great hands, McCown is starting to lock in on him. He has a bye, and a couple tough matchups, but he is in a better situation, and on a better offense than honestly either of the other two players.

Corey Davis is an amazing receiver, and could be putting up big numbers for the rest of the season. The Titans have literally no choice but to target him. He might get the most targets of the three, but we don’t know how things will turn out rest of season. Im still a believer and I plan on starting him down the stretch.

Of the three, I think Corey Davis has the highest ceiling, Anderson has the safest route to fantasy points, and Shepard is an unknown to me for now. I don’t trust the Giants offense for now.

Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thanks for your input. I understand your argument that Shepard is most comfortable in the slot. However, isn’t it possible they run 3 receiver sets with him in the slot often? They are a pass first offense after all. I just see the possible 8-10 targets a game for him and have a hard time believing Robby Anderson is going to keep up his current pace.

Fair point, Robby Anderson is not a sure bet. However, defenses cannot focus on him. There are other pass catchers to draw attention away from him. The Jets can also run, the Giants are not running well. Darkwa somehow had a good game against Denver, but that O-line cannot run block well at all (or pass block for that matter, lol). Defenses know Engram and Shepard will be targeted, and will be focusing in on them. We also haven’t seen him play without Odell in the lineup either. Shepard got knocked out of that same game against the Chargers. Even if he is in the slot, Tavarres King and Roger Lewis are on the outside.

Up to you, I’ve seen Shepard have some nice games. But in his current situation I’m not confident.