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Andre Ellington for Will Fuller


Ok so I held on to a couple backups who proved valuable. Traded Buck for Garcon yesterday now someone wants Ellington for Fuller. I like Fuller a lot and I’m not sure what the AP trade will mean for Ellington. Also I’m kind of light on RBs but I’m still not starting Ellington (maybe a flex) But I’m not sure if I need this trade as it effects my depth at RB. However I’m 1-4 so I really want to start putting points up. I’m in a full pt PPR.

D Murray
M Ingram
J Stew
A Ellington




I wouldn’t trade away Ellington in that situation. Fuller looks great right now but it is totally unsustainable, four TDs in two weeks sounds great but he gets so few targets, that unless he gets in the endzone you’re screwed. He’s the player that will get you 0 or 15+ pts.
Also Ellington shouldn’t really see his role change with AP. He’s still the pass catching back while AP gets the between the tackles runs. In a PPR Ellington has value.


Thank you. I saw that in Fuller’s stats. It’s definitely deceiving when guys are getting TDs but almost no volume. I like Ellington he has been great to have around so I was a little hestitant about this trade too. Thanks for the input!