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Andrew Luck and T.Y. Hilton


I’m pretty worried that Hilton will not be worth what I paid for him if Luck misses any time. Should I be looking to trade him now or should I hold onto him and hope for the best? My other WRs are Keenan Allen and Davante Adams. I’m in a 1pt PPR. Thanks!


I’m following this because I have the same concern for Hilton.


Buy low sell high. Hold on to Hilton just because you’d be selling low. Keenan is a PPR beast when healthy so hopefully he can hold down the fort for a week or two


I posted somewhere else about this and was told that I should hang on to him for now and try to shop him when he has a big game. With everyone aware of the Luck, you’d only get shafted if you tried to move Hilton now.


That’s how I was viewing it as well. Thanks for the advice!