Andrew Luck Dilemma

I have Watson on a bye this week and Luck will probably be out. My league only allows you to roster 2 QBs. What do I do with Luck?

Just play watson and hope that he plays despite the bye week

No I think I would consider dropping luck to be honest. The question you’re asking here is who to drop: the uncertainty and bad situation that comes with the colts (no timetable for his return), or a talented high floor qb.

I even doubt if luck will be better than watson when he comes back. You’re gonna have to drop luck and hope maybe no one picks him up :frowning:

Man that is harsh - 2 qb league I’ve never seen that before.

Good luck

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Trade Watson for a QB + Something. I will be in the same dillemma as you next week with Palmer & Luck, but I can carry more than 2 QB’s.

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Yeah, that is harsh to only be able to roster 2 QB’s, I am in a league like that too. I would try to work out a trade, and not risk losing him.

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Actually, forget what I said. These guys are right I didn’t even think about trading. Work to get that done immediately if possible. Otherwise drop luck.