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Andrew Luck, Greg Olsen, David Johnson


What is each of these players values after they return? DJ isn’t on the waivers but I am considering trading for him. Is there any reason to believe these players won’t be as good as they were as the last time they played? I’m 4-1 and am looking for some extra juice for the later part of the season. Thanks


I think DJ has the most value, and will be the easiest to get for the time he’ll be out as far as we know. Luck will need a couple games to get back towards his high level.
Especially if the owners are struggling it’s a good plan to get after them.


Thanks man. The guy with DJ is actually 4 and 1 right now but could really use a RB. Considering risking it for the biscuit and offering Ameer for DJ to make my RBs Freeman Shady and DJ in the flex.


Put DJ in the flex? What do you have with RB’s?


We start 2 rbs and a flex in my league, currently have Freeman Shady Abdullah and Kelley