Andrew Luck is RETIRING!

RIP colt offense?

I cant believe it.

I have him in a Super Flex wher my only other qb are carr and darnold.
just play like shit this year and draft a qb in round 1?

T.Y. Hilton’s projections should sharply drop.

Marlon Mack should remain about the same; the drop in production from an overall weaker offense should be offset by a desire to rely more on the rushing game.

I’d personally be pivoting away from all the Tight Ends in Indianapolis. It’s a dart throw for TEs in those rounds, anyways, and I’d rather take shots elsewhere, now.

All other offensive players on the Colts sink dramatically. The other WRs could have been considered sleepers with Luck at the helm, but without Luck, I’ll need to see it before I believe it.

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He’s not Luck, but Brissett kept the Colts in closer games than they should have been in with a HORRIBLE O line. I think they will lean on Mack more. I think Doyle will have value as Jacoby used him as a safety valve. I would downgrade guys for sure and would probably avoid some but I don’t think they will be completely worthless. Also, if you are streaming QBs there will be times during the season that I look Jacoby’s way, especially now that he’s working with Reich. That’s a great person for him to be with.

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It really hurts my team since I have both Hilton 2nd round and Mack 7th picked 5 hours beforehand. In a keeper league thats in its 11th season.
Mack might improve slightly but Hilton will definitely drop

Yup…was coming here to say that of the two TEs, Doyle might be relevant in PPR.