Andrew Luck or Lamar Jackson (if he starts)?

Would you start Andrew Luck this week, at home against the 5th ranked Titans defense, or Lamar Jackson if he gets the nod, away against the 31st ranked Falcons defense?

Really need a W, 5-5 and flirting with missing the playoffs, even though I am 3rd in points scored. #ThatsFantasy

Love the show.

I don’t see any reason to bench Luck. He has the tools and the talent and the current track record to be successful even against a good defense. They also don’t really have the established run game to lean back on and take away from the passing game. And this isn’t anything new. He has had no real run game through every successful outing he has had.

Also, while Jackson has HUUUUUUUGE upside, it is completely unproven right now. Even against a bad defense. How many times have we had a guy come in like Jackson with all they hype and the perfect game script only to have them poop in their big boy pants?

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