Andrew Luck, to keep or not to keep

So I drafted Luck pretty late and have held on to him thus far. Around week 2 or 3 I picked up Alex Smith and have been happy with him ever since. My plan had been to hold on to Luck until he comes back and use him as trade bait. Given yesterdays news, I am now contemplating whether or not I should just drop him. What is everybody else doing in this situation?

I did the same thing - I have an IR spot so I’m stashing hoping maybe he can maybe payoff for the playoffs

Yeah if I had an IR, that would be ideal. I’m really leaning towards dropping him, just trying to figure out if he will ever be worth anything this season.

I have him in two leagues and the only reason I still have him is cuz I have an IR spot. I will drop him without hesitation if I need to cuz my other QB’s are Dak in one league and Wentz in the other.