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Andrew luck undrafted


Just finished a draft on FleaFlickr and Andrew Luck went undrafted…
Waiver is FAAB and roster minimum is enforced so I cannot drop a kicker/defense to pickup Luck.
Who do I drop to pick him up?

Carson Palmer
Todd Gurley
Ty Montgomery
Isaiah Crowell
Jordy Nelson
T.Y. Hilton
Zach Ertz
Adam Vinatieri

Doug Martin
Jonathan Stewart
Jeremy Hill
Corey Coleman
Sammy Watkins

Who would I drop? Leaning toward Hill or Stewart
0.5 PPR


I would drop hill and get him. Carson Palmer has a great opening schedule too spell luck while he’s out as well.


I agree drop hill and bid like 5 bucks on him


Or 0 if u can


$0 bids are allowed


Idk man i personally would spend at least a few bucks in case somebody else wants him and if not then oh well u have him for sure. I took zeke in the front of the 3rd so im kind of a risk taker


But id drop hill


I just realized we have a similar line up haha nice picks man


Thanks! I’m pretty happy with the picks
Alright, I will bid $1 for him lol


Good luck man Godspeed