Andrews and Connor for Saquon

Would you guys offer this trade?

without knowing your team its pretty hard to make a determination but Saquon seems to be coming back pretty soon. If you have another top 10 TE and a deep bench i would do it.

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My team right now is:
Wentz, Jones
Thielen, Woods, Gordon, McLaurin, Hardman, R.Anderson, Gallup
Connor, Mixon, Michel, Coleman Sanders
Andrews, Herndon(suspended one more week)

You can offer but I doubt he’d accept. I like this love for you though. I’d stream Eifert this week if you do pull off the trade.

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Seems good if you can get it. Favorable news recently on Saquon returning on the shorter side of the estimate.

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Yea I was looking at Graham cuz Adams is probably out but Eifert might be better

Apparently he was jogging and stretching today so if I land the trade maybe he’ll be back relatively soon