Andrews for Dissly/Golladay?

I am the Mark Andrews owner and was offered Dissly/Golladay for andrews.

Here is my team
QB: Josh Allen/Phillip Rivers
RB.CMC, Freeman, Damien Williams, David Montgomery, AP
WR. Juju, Ridley, Josh Gordon, Tyler Lockett and Jarvis Landry
TE: Andrews and Njoku

Dynasty or redraft? PPR or non PPR? TE Premium? Starting lineup requirements?


Not PPR and its redraft. its 2 rb 2 wr 1 te and a flex

I would keep Andrews in that case. Trade him (with something) to make your starting lineup better. As opposed to your bench.

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Keep Mandrews!

He said i can counter… hes got zeke, josh jacobs,sanders, royce freeman, and hydefor RB and then WR:AB, Golladay, hilton godwin tyrell williams and tyreek hill on his bench

Keep Andrews!!

I would not accept that trade.