Andrews, Hockenson, or Crowder?

I have the top waiver priority this week. Should I go for Mark Andrews, TJ Hockenson, or Jamison Crowder? My starting TE is Engram and I’m fairly confident in my WRs as well.

What does the rest of your team look like?
Andrews is a good add but you don’t need 2 TEs, same with Hockenson.
Crowder was a target machine but Anderson was limited. So, his targets should go down a bit. I still think he’ll be good; but, not as good as week 1. The #1 waiver priority is very valuable; so, I hesitate using it on a not 100% sure thing week 1

My other WRs are Evans, Hopkins, Dede, dj Moore; I’m just thinking Andrews may resemble this years kittle so could be insurance for Engram or possibly even trade bait; good point on crowder though, I was thinking maybe dropping Goff and attempting to get both and keeping 1 QB in wentz; would you say Andrews over hockenson though?

I like hock wayyy more personally. Andrewa has to share time with 2 other te’s in bal and bal is traditionally a run first team so Andrew’s wont get the time you expect. If anything I think hock will be this years kittle.

Agreed. I have a hard time seeing Andrews finish as a top 8 tight end.

Think Andrews is a better option than Vance? Currently have Vance and Andrews owner wants Kyler for Andrews - I have Russ starting

Let’s not get cute trey burton finished 7 last season and he had 4 good games. But the te landscape is much better this year. Andrew’s could finish top 12.

@LG414 I say no keep Kyler. It’s a long season see what you have in him

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I just didn’t see me starting him over Russ - Russ is steady and doesn’t turn the ball over. It’s a 4td/-2int league so I went with efficiency. But I do like Kyler with his upside. I just feel Vance might not produce until mid-late season.

Kyler has wayyy more upside than russ being that it’s a 4pt td league. Kyler is gunna run way more russ has been reeled in in last couple years and sea wants to run with their rbs not russ. But I get where your coming from

So thoughts on offering Russ instead? I have Carson as my RB2

I honestly dont like carrying 2 qbs but in this case I would cause like you said you have a steady play week to week and then you have kyler with the high upside but low floor . I just couldn’t part with either till I know for sure what kyler is going to be.

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