Andrews or Dissly at TE

Help a British footclan member out.

Do I start Andrews against the Browns or Dissly against the Cards.

Side question: which 2 out of these 3 for WR2/Flex - Marvin Jones, McLaurin, Sterling Shepard?

I prefer Andrew’s as the better TE, but right now Dissly is hot and the Cardinals have been letting TEs have a field day. He should have a good day. That’s who I’d go with for this week.

As for your second question, as long as McLaurin is healthy i’d go with him. I think Jones Jr or Shepard could have good days as well, but I’d only pick one of them if Terry is ruled out.

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I certainly hope Dissly does well this week, I’ve got Dissly playing for Kittle on bye in two leagues… but I would play Andrews in either of those leagues if I had him. It’s only the fact that Dissly is playing the Cards that makes it any kind of question in my mind.

McLaurin is the pick on the WRs if healthy, but going from limited practice on Thursday to DNP on Friday I can’t trust the health. I would play Sterling Shepard this week even if McLaurin is active for the game.

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I think you’re fine either way at TE
Play terry if he’s in with Jones jr, I think DET will have to throw a lot in that game and I think he catches at least one TD. Sheppard should be fine but I just think he’ll be covered by Norman and the other giants will be the ones scoring