Andy Dalton or Baker Mayfield rest-of-season

Baker has some juicy match ups coming up and so does Dalton but I feel like Baker has higher upside/ catch lighting in a bottle - what is everyone’s thoughts?

I realize this is a streaming position with these options but Baker has a soft upcoming schedule. Currently have Big Ben but need some options for bye weeks and stud DEF weeks

I’d rather have Dalton. I’d be a wreck depending on Baker ROS lol.

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Look at Watson last year who caught fire - I figure he’s worth a deep shot with Big Ben on my team. I doubt that people will be rushing to pick up Dalton if I were to drop him

Dalton. He’s done it before and looks as good as he did when he was a top fantasy qb now that he’s in Lazor’s offense. Not sure how much the loss of Eifert or Ross being banged up with change things but they have been doing just fine without Mixon and now he is back.

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I was a Dalton believer in the past and he has burned me. Does anyone think that Baker’s first game performance give a little spark that says hey this guy could be the guy?

I definitely do. I just would rather have Dalton ROS if I had to choose between the two as my QB for the season bc he is a proven vet with excellent weapons

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@falcones404 does Baker’s performance over Baltimore change things or do you think the opportunity is not there. Stay the course with Big Ben and Dalton or shop one for Baker or Winston?

I prefer Dalton but Baker does have a sexy ass schedule coming up and could be legit. I think the opportunity is there it’s just if you trust in him getting it done as a rookie.

Dalton is experienced and has almost exactly the same schedule.