Andy Dalton or Tyrod Taylor for This Week?

Who you like and why? It’s worth noting my opponent has AJ Green & Joe Mixon in his lineup.

Dalton no doubt, the Colts can’t defend the pass and they lost Hooker for the rest of the season. The whole Bengals offense should be productive. Keep in my mind Hoyer lit them up. HOYER!

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Dalton. You take Green away from him, and the colts are just bad at this thing called defense.

Agreed on the Colts being bad vs QBs. To be fair, T.Taylor’s opponent isn’t very good either (Oak). But yeah I do like negating AJ Green. Just don’t want that to cloud my judgement.

Struggling with this decision too. Probably a game time decision! Best of luck

Depends what your team looks like vs his. By starting dalton youre capping your margin over him.

My Lineup:
QB: Dalton or T.Taylor
RB: L.Bell
RB/WR: E.Elliott
WR: K.Allen
WR/TE: M.Sanu
Flex: A.Abdullah
TE: J.Graham
D/ST: Cincy or New Orleans (leaning towards Cincy)

His Lineup:
QB: Brady
RB: M.Ingram
RB/WR: J.Mixon
WR: AJ Green
WR/TE: D.Baldwin
Flex: D.Martin
TE: Gronk
D/ST: Miami

I chose to start taylor over dalton in my league. AJ gets more points per reception on the completions from dalton than dalton does. I dont like capping my point potential like that.

I understand the capping the points thing a little bit. But suppose Dalton throws for 350 and 4 TDs and Green has a monster game. While Green is in his lineup racking up points, Dalton is on my bench because I didn’t want to cap my points… Or Dalton has a big game throwing to others? I guess if you are starting Taylor over Dalton in your league, I guess you just like him better. So that answers my question, but I’m on the fence with what people are saying about capping the points.

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