Andy Holloway has made me angry

Why make me buy into the Sony Michel hype?! This is my RB2, and it feels like it’s killing me. 0-3 now.

Bought in as well. And with Carson.
Currently 1-2

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I have had to tell myself to trust what I’ve seen. Sony hasn’t looked good to me at all this season. I am glad I haven’t listened to the experts. I traded Sony this last week. Trust your eyes my friend

I feel your pain lmao

When it comes to RBs, it’s better to listen to Jason. I fear the reaper’s advice.

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yea out of the 3 id trust Jason the most.

The fantasypros are worse on fantasy advice. but they are all entertaining

same here - started w Julio & Tyreek, went Carson & Sony as my RBs. Could be a long year

You knew the risks taking a NE RB - Bellicheck spreads the ball around too much for my liking. I’m sure they mentioned that caviat.

As for Carson, Andy could not have predicted the fumbling issues. If not for that, Carson would’ve gotten 20+ carries in each game.

regardless, i feel your pain. My RBs right now are Saquon, Carson, Aaron Jones, and DM…i am in serious trouble.

Not what you anyone wants to hear, but…

I would rephrase your displeasure with any one fantasy analyst. Predicting the future is hard. No one gets every prediction correct. If they did, surely they would not waist their gifts on fantasy football.

Remember that you made the decision to draft Sony.

My guess is that Sony is not the only player under performing on your team. This does not necessary negatively reflect on your skill as a fantasy player. Part of this game is luck.

This week Andy had Sony ranked #11. Mike and Jason had him ranked #12. The ECR (Expert consensus ranking) was also #12. The industry as a whole expected greater production.

I would focus any frustration of loosing into winning your next match. Whether that is enhancing your process, making player changes to increase your probability of a win or seeking out other fantasy analysis.

…I’ll see myself out.

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Lol, appreciate it, but I think your taking the title a bit too seriously. Was just a funny title to me at the time after the game, ofc I know I made the decision.

But seriously Andy, WHAT THE ****?! /sarcasm

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