Andy Reid in Philly: McNabb and D.Jackson —-> In KC Mahomes and Hill?

This is a narrative I haven’t heard on the show or really anywhere. Mahomes reminds me of a young McNabb with the combination of size, arm strength and speed. Mcnabbs scrambling and crazy arm strength gave him the unique ability to make huge plays downfield for Jackson. This is something that they began to execute with Alex Smith but imagine what Ried can do with Mahomes gun slinger arm? Ried used a lot of single back play action to open up the outside for Jackson. The Hill and Jackson comparison is much more obvious. Jackson was with Mcnabb towards the tail end of his eagles career but still put up monster numbers. I get that his target rate is low, but Mahomes arm should produce more downfield opportunities for Tyreek Hill who is the fastest player in the league. Is the community too low on Tyreek Hill?

This feels like dot connecting.

Its interesting to me. As an Eagles fan, I remember how electric the Mcnabb-Jackson combo was. The deep ball to Hill Week 2 preseason looked VERY familiar

I am all in on Mahomes as a late round pick. I want to buy into Hill but he has been buried in the ballers rankings making it hard for me to pull the trigger on him at the 3.02

I just don’t like the draft price for Hill. You are buying him close to his ceiling and for me that’s not worth it. If I could get Hill late 4th or 5th I would pull the trigger in a heartbeat.

That’s the thing. I don’t see a world where I can get him at the 4.11 so if I really want him I’d have to take him at 3.02 over guys like theilan

I wouldn’t be able to do that. The floor for thielen is much higher. I couldn’t take the risk of seeing what could be possible over what is known. Plus I think Cousins is better than Mahomes.

I don’t think we’ve seen his ceiling. He very well may not get there due to targets, but his ceiling is the #1 overall WR. I Just think he’s special.

Right. His talent is off the charts. If Andy can get him and Mahomes to click, i think there is a good chance he’s a top 5 wr. I think his floor is over dramatized based on Alex Smith last year. If he gets more deep balls from Mahomes which I think is likely, then isn’t his floor is being overdramatized?

The points that are made about Mahomes being unlikely to match (at least this year) what Smith did last year seem legitimate to me, so there’s definitely down side, but when it comes down to it, I bet in talent, and there are very few players with Hill’s talent level (spoiler: Sammy Watkins isn’t one of them).

Not a real point, I just think it’s funny:

“Every target for Tyreek Hill is a red zone target”
-Rich Hribar, via Matt Harmon