Andy's Almost Upset of the Week

So I’m confused and I’m hoping if I am missing something one of you fine Footclan Members can clarify for me. Andy often times in “Almost Upset of the Week” picks a team that is not favored to win, to actually win the game. So, where is the “almost” part of this? Would that not be an actual upset? Maybe I am missing something?

This is in no way a complaint about the show. I love the show. Just looking for some clarification incase it is something obvious that I’m just blind to.


My understanding is that Andy is saying the underdog team has a chance to win the game outright but will most likely cover. So if team A is -7 which makes team B +7. Andy’s almost upset would be team B. He is saying he wouldn’t be surprised if they win the game outright, even if they don’t, it should be really close. Aka, it might be an upset or close to an upset

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Ahhh ok. So by stating “almost upset” he is saying either A) Covering the spread, or B) winning outright? That makes more sense now. Seems like most of his picks he picks to win so that is what was throwing me off.

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