Andy's Week 12 rankings

Anyone else confused why guys like Keke and DJ Moore Andy has all the way down @ 88/89 ?

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Yes actually. I spend time looking heavily into WR because most of my teams have a great WR1 but then drop off to the MVS and DJ Moore category. I am surprised to see how low they get ranked because I make myself think they are going to have a good week and then see the rankings and lose confidence.

Same. It was odd though. Mike and jason had them significantly higher. Almost thought 88/89 was a mistake

Maybe not. Fml

I hate the WR position this year. I drafted AJ Green and Tyreek Hill in one league which is great until recently with AJ out. In my other 2 leagues I have MVS/DJ Moore and Michael Tomas/Tyler Boyd both of which have been underwhelming lately. I have great RBs but my WR core is a roller coaster.

I saw on Andy’s Twitter that the rankings tool is broken. Think OBJ was in the 80s as well so it’s probably an error with the algorithm.

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I just noticed the same thing and came on to tell you haha