Anonymous Offer Shaming

Some offers are so bad, ignoring them is not enough. 12 T 0.5 PPR. I own Fournette but not the handcuff.

I was just offered Yeldon / E. Sanders for Kamara and Corey Davis.

Let’s compare lowballs. Have you received anything worse?

Someone offered me Rashad Penny and Marvin Jones for my Gurely

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Someone offered me Dak for Fournette pre week 1. Their reason was ‘I need a back up QB right?’. I have Cam as my QB, smh.

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This week with the news:

My Bell, their Drake
My Bell, their Buck Allen

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Steep price for the upside of Rashaad Penny, third on the depth chart in Seattle.

I’ve never been offered a pathetic trade, but along those lines… Just don’t do this. If you make these sorts of offers to people, no one will ever take you serious when you make a decent offer. I make sure when i offer a trade to someone, it’s something i can make a legit case that the trade is of mutual benefit. Trades should be a case of two persons with a weakness trying to improve their rosters in a mutual effort. Build long term rapport with your league and ensure future considerations.

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Bell for Drake is my favorite so far. It’s one thing to sell upside pre-season. But continue to do it after Drake’s first 4… bold move


Mines not as lowballs as yalls. but my thielen and CMC for j.Howard and Evans. on their bye week.


Heres another bad one, my Kamara for J Howard, Aghlor, and Goodwin after Jimmy G went down. HIs reasoning was that SF would be down a lot so Goodwin would get a lot of garbage time points.

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In another league, I own Yeldon but not Fournette. Fournette owner has 4 RB’s: Fournette, Miller, Cohen on bye, Barber.

The week before re-injury, I offered Yeldon for Marvin Jones. Declined. Then Boyd+Yeldon for E. Sanders. Declined.

This week I was offered Marvin Jones for Yeldon.

How nice of them to cover you for that week 4 bye

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Got offered Kenny g for my CMC because I’m looking for a wr

Ebron for Barkley. Found out it was a joke though.

I was offered Marquise Lee for my Derrius Guice in my dynasty league. Also, Amendola and Ryan for my Diggs and Newton

…Selling high on Amendola’s pair of 4 catch for 30 yard with no TD games to start the season.