Another Bell owner looking to get my Conner

So far he is just showing interest in getting Conner from me, and I have 3 trains of thought.

  1. Ride with Conner and hope Bell either doesn’t come back until week 10/ Bell trade at that time line too

  2. Attempt to trade Conner and Burkhead for Howard

  3. Attempt to get Bell with Hyde and Burkhead

Current RBs: Hyde, Miller, Burkhead, Powell, Ingram, Conner, and Wilkins; half ppr

This dynamic is playing out across virtually every FF league right now. It’s pretty interesting if you ask me. I’m in just 2 leagues this year. Have Bell + Connor in one league and Conner alone in the other, yet i have to receive a single trade offer.

In any event, if you ride with Conner (hoping for Lev Bell to sit out until, week 10) then you are making the ultimate greed move and you have to accept the punish (i.e. Lev reports this Saturday) if it comes. If your team is strong overall as-is, then the punish is not so big but if your roster currently has weak spots, then using Conner to shore things up (via trade) is the way to go imo.

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I would rank it in order of 3,2,1 for your options listed

I would try to get value now with Connor. It would be hard for him to hold out losing $900K weekly paychecks. Not sure if he would be traded now as teams would have to give up draft picks and know that he wants to be paid $17Million Plus( I believe he was looking in that range). I would try to get howard as I not sure if you would get bell with those 2 players

Option 3 is a pipe dream unless the Bell owner is literally a monkey.

Option 2 is solid. I would 100% do that if you can get it.

Option 1 is the least desirable.

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If you can swing the Howard trade do it. That to me is the best option you laid out.