Another Connor trade question!

Opponent has Lev Bell, Mark Ingram, James White, and Tarik Cohen.

I own James Connor. My other RBs are Zeke, Melvin Gordon, Shady, Sony Michel, and Isaiah Crowell.

Is Connor > < Ingram a valid/fair trade to propose? He gets immediate security and a projection upgrade this week. I also play the guy in week 1, so it’s risk free for him against me and could actually hurt me this week.

Playing him in week one definitely complicates things. If that wasn’t the situation I would do it in a heartbeat, given your already solid depth at RB. But since you wouldn’t start Ingram anyway, you don’t have a need to do this. I think your better off holding onto Conner this week so he can’t play him against you

I’d do it partly because you have Shady. But I might try to get him to wait until after this week. If shady gets suspended later in the season Ingram is a great replacement and Conner wont have the job all year

What is your wr depth? And what is his? I’d like to package connor and shady and take Ingram plus a wr2 or his TE1

The Bell thing could be an issue all season where theres uncertainty of his workload, so you got leverage and who cares about a week1 match up your trying to set yourself up for the entire season.


Yeah, it’s the week 1 vs rest of season scenario that makes me feel like this is a one-time chance to get something sweet.

My WRs are G Tate, J Landry, D Baldwin, J Crowder, K Cole. TE K Rudolph.

His WRs are M Thomas, D Adams, A Robinson, R Woods, K Benjamin, R Anderson, P Richardson. TE Z Ertz.

Another offer I’d been weighing up was Rudolph and Connor for Ertz. But again, it’s the fact I play him this week that’d complicate that.

Id try getting one of his Wrs seems like hed part way with Adams to sure up his rb depth. Again i wouldnt worry about week1 if it means your team will be a monster for the entire season.

Rudolph and Connor for Ertz is a nice one too, have him throw in Anderson see if he goes for it.

Nice, appreciate the thoughts! :slight_smile:

I just realized I’ve missed the boat on any Ertz-related trade this week, as he’s playing tonight.

I would trade him and not worry about it week one. He would be his best starting RB for the week, and he has a somewhat tough matchup. The Browns D last year only allowed 3.4 YPC and a total of 9 rushing TDs.