Another Gronk Trade

Would you trade : McCoy, Golladay and Cook for Gronk?

My RB’s: Conner, Freeman and Ingram.

WR’s: Brown, Diggs, Adams, Lockett and Edelman.

What do you think? I’m afraid I’m staying pretty weak on the RB side…

I think the trade is even but mccoy is hot trash right now and unless he turns around he is just dead weight on your roster

  • Jared Cook

Do it! Gronk will be outstanding at the TE spot (so shallow) once the Pats can get the WRs going and get him out of double coverage.

Plus: You’ll have roster space for waivers and the best player ends up on your team.

This is a steal (since you mean Jared Cook). I’d def do this.

This is robbery. Take it and run.