Another Keeper ? - Howard, McKinnon, Freeman and some more

Another keeper question for a different league. Standard scoring Non-PPR. I can keep two.

My options are:
Jordan Howard
Jerrick McKinnon
Devonta Freeman
Doug Baldwin
Deymarius Thomas
Kirk Cousins

I am thinking Howard and McKinnon but Freeman has his plus side and Baldwin and Thomas have their plus side.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

I honestly like Howard and Freeman here, both have secure volume and upside. McKinnon is all hype right now and i’m not sold at all, Baldwin i’m an owner and this knee issue could be a problem so i’d avoid taking any more shares in him until we know more, Kirk is just no and DT as it’s standard scoring i’d rather load up on two RB1s and grab WRs with upside, but in standard the RB is even more king than usual

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James89 beat me to it but yeah I’d go Howard and Freeman here and never look back

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First off, since this is standard you’re gonna want to lock in your workhorse backs, if you dont have 2 solid RBs in a standard league you’re at a huge disadvantage.
As for your 2 RBs I’d go Howard and Freeman. They both have secure floors and high ceilings. We have 2 years of evidence of Howard being a stud, and we have 3 years of evidence for Freeman. McKinnon is in a situation that could be phenomenal for fantasy, but we just dont know what exactly his workload will be in comparison to the other 2 backs, and we dont know how we will perform. All we can do is project with him, with the others we actually have evidence.
And hey I could definitely be wrong and McKinnon could blow up, but barring injury Howard and Freeman will both definitely be top 20 RBs this year, and I like to go risk-avert with my early picks/ keepers.

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Why the hell would you pick McKinnon over Freeman? Especially in standard format. Freeman is a SUPERIOR goaline back compared to McKinnon. He couldn’t even beat out Latavius murray.

I would never pick McKinnon over freeman period but making it standard just makes the gap that much bigger.

Howard and Freeman. Easiest decision ever made.

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Freeman and anyone other than McKinnon or Cousins