Another move?

Traded CEH last night for A.J Brown. Feel pretty good about it. Thinking though to maybe bump up RB by offering Henderson as not super confident with him and one of Cooks, Fuller,Davis.

Stay put or try it out and if so what type of RB targets could work. Full PPR. Team below. Thanks.



Javonte Williams

A.J Brown
Fuller in my IR spot

…offer them for what?

If you’re axing us, my suggestion is to start with Henry and work your way down.

And start with Fuller and work your way up.

Trying to figure out a few good RB’s to target for Henderson and say Fuller to start.

Need I repeat myself?

Guess I am looking for some names to target :thinking:

I guess I need to repeat myself…

Hendo is ranked about RB23

Fuller, Cooks, Davis at best WR28

Start at Henry and work down lol

But will always accept advice…

The point is that nobody knows other the owners’ strategies and peccadillos (well, at least nobody here); maybe the guy that owns Henry went to high school with Henderson but missed out on him in the draft, and he’s a Dolphins fan, so Hendo and Fuller? Yes, please.

Probly not, but it’s an extreme example. I mean, before the season starts, the obvious answer is to go for a player of comparable ADP if you’re offering 1 for 1, or a little greater value if you’re packaging 2 for 1–but without knowing what players an owner might be willing to violate ADP for, we can’t tell you.

Sounds good. Thanks